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NVO is Mike Laglia, Greg Maximov, Chuck Jones, and Justin Ward (aka dudha.us)


Hailing from San Francisco, NVO is a new music collective dedicated to melting faces and rocking dance floors with original beats, remixes, visuals, and light shows. The group’s four-piece core features Greg Maximov on live drums, DJ/producer DUDHAUS (aka Justin Ward) on sequencers and synths, Chuck Jones on sampling, scratching and Kaossilators, and songwriter Mike Laglia laying down effect-driven guitar wizardry. With influences spanning genres and live shows featuring equal parts ethereal dream states, dirty warehouse raves, and sci-fi movie samples, NVO continues to amaze audiences with their unique approach to live electronica and club rocking bangers.

Mike Laglia

Songwriting / Guitar

Mike Laglia began his music career more than 20 years ago playing violin and piano. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 18 and a few years later graduated from Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music with degrees in electronic music and audio engineering. Mike is the chief songwriter behind NVO’s unique blend of electronic and organic music. He plays through a custom-built pedal board featuring tempo-synced delays to create his revelatory futuristic guitar sounds.

Greg Maximov

Drums / Percussion

Greg Maximov picked up his first pair of drumsticks at the age of 12 and has self-taught himself through a slew of Bay Area projects before joining NVO. Outfitted with a funky hi-hat, bass-quakes, and a custom built laser-flower, his hybrid acoustic/electric kit creates a sound all his own. His rock solid beats are guaranteed to make you move your feet.

Chuck Jones

Samples / Visuals

Chuck Jones (aka Mista Jones) started DJing in 2004, and his record crates delve deep into funky grooves across all genres. As a DJ, his sets are known for highly danceable, funky-delicious beats. Now with NVO, he peppers each song with turntable scratching, sci-fi sampling and Kaossilator accents. In a former life he was a video editor, producer, and motion graphics artist, and his compositions make up the live visual component of NVO performances.

Justin Ward (aka dudha.us)

MIDI / Percussion

Justin Ward was born into the musical world as a drummer before morphing into the electronic artist dudha.us he is today. Besides being known for his mad scientist attitude towards the computer, Justin is also the Editor at LIVE MUSIC BLOG.com. He likes playing concerts and sweating all over the front row.


“The three song [Solar Tide] EP …features uplifting live elements with nice synthetic builds that will keep you dancing all night long.” [Music You Need]

“Rooted in jammy psychedelia, NVO provides an atmospheric, spacey soundstage akin to that of The New Deal.” [In Your Speakers]

“Playing around in their chemistry lab of a recording studio, the members of NVO have split the atom of the tiniest sub-genres, proving there is a lot more for us to learn about the possibilities of sound. Taking different elements from the styles of hiptronica, rock and roll, funk, and trance, they have discovered a new world not previously known to musicians and listeners alike.” [The Traveling Yeti, 7/31/11]

Tech Rider / Inputs:

Stage Requirements:
DJ 1
1 DI Input (Stereo) or 2 DI Mono
DJ 2
1 DI Input (Stereo) or 2 DI Mono
Mic for amp
Drums (Acoustic/Electric Hybrid Kit)
1 DI Input, Mono (for E drums output)
1 Vocal Mic, on boom stand
Mics for acoustic drums