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High Sierra Renegade Set a Huge Success!

Big thanks to the giant crowd that turned out for our High Sierra renegade set on Saturday night of the festival.  With the support of our very own Camp Caw-Caw and our awesome neighbors Sesame Street, we launched into 90-min of pure dance party chaos, right in the middle of Big Meadow.  Seriously, it was a traffic jam!  If you’re reading this and have never been to High Sierra Music Festival, get a ticket the second they go on sale and get your ass up there next year!  We plan on being up there as well, this time on a real stage!  BUT, we’re gonna need your help if this is going to turn into a reality.  Turn up the buzz and aim it at the HSMF bookers.  We’ve got less than a year to make this happen.  Thanks, again, for all of your support!

NVO at Camp Caw-Caw

Saturday Night HSMF Untz-fest!

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